The worlds most compelling automobile designs have become departure points  -  The ‘Deusie’ - Mind Warping Performance Wrapped in Period Mechanical Elegance -


Welcome to the world of Car Concept Design


The ‘Deusie’-  concieved but yet to be manifest

Handbuilt Alloy coachwork -Full  four wheel independant suspension w/C-6 Corvette rear - Falkener V12 w/front mounted 8/71 Supercharger - 1000 + H.P.

The B - 702 - Inspired by the ‘French Curve’ cars of the early nineteenth century - ‘Clean sheet of paper’ from the frame up - - 702 cu. in. GM V12 engine  -

Ledgends                 MLeedsStudio

Randy and Michael were both Glass Artists when they met, they carried this forth in this spectacular cut and beveled glass Grill

Michael Leeds Studio 

The Indy Special

A tribute to A.J.Watson, the premier Indy Car Builder in the U.S.A. in the 1960’s

Shown at Art Center School of Design - Passadena Ca.

The Blastolene Special

Debut at the Sacramento Autorama

Current owner, Jay Leno, at Pebble Beach with the Blastolene Special


Inspired by the 1929 Count Trossi Mercedes, Falasci et Fagoni, etc