Produced from 1941 to 1945, the V-770 featured a two piece aluminum alloy cranckcase, steel barreled cylinders with integral aluminum alloy heads - It was one of the few V-type, in-line, air-cooled engines to reach production

          The V-770  was used by U.S. Army Air Forces - among them - -

Vought - XS02u ‘Scout’

XAT- 6E  Texan  Prototype

Shortly after World War II a great many V12 war machine engines, from tanks, PT boats and airplanes, were available as surplus - These motors were highly developed, high horsepower, beautiful pieces of mechanical technology ,,, and were available for pennies on the dollar to the general public -

                               Art Arfons and brother Walt

aquired many of these surplus engines and re-purposed them as power plants for the purpose of Racing


The Green Monster #1

             - Nicknamed                              

the    ‘Baloney Slicer’   

                    It was                 propeller driven !!!!!!             They used the Fairchild   Ranger V-770  ‘inverted’ as per stock

On to World Land Speed Records and Beyond

The Green Monster # 2 w/ V-770Motor is fliped 180 degrees and run through a differential

In the mid 1980’s Dan Dechant, a machinist, tool and die maker, friend and neighbor of the Arfons’, nearby Akron in Oberlin Ohio, aquires multiple Fairchild Ranger V-770’s from the Arfons estate - and - of course, naturally builds ,,,


There were many other ‘Green Monster’  V12 powered dragsters with Allison V12’s - Jet and Turbine Engines - These were the very first

a tractor puller with 3 Ranger V-770’s !!!

Ranger Dan is generating 1500 H.P. ea. engine and is planning to up that to 2000 H.P. ea. x3 = 6000 H.P. to “get in the winners circle”


   Michael Leeds from Blastolene meets Dan Dechant in Oberlin Ohio - Dan shows him a motor he’s developing for automotive applications - they decide on a plan - Dan will re-engineer and build-up an engine from the Arfons’ estate for the latest Blastolene Project  -

Recently, (2010)

N.O.S. Engine gets completely dissasembled - Oiling system is re-engineered with special attention to Supercharger - ‘wet’ from ‘dry’ oil sump and ‘oil pan’ built - Cylinder Head  modification raises RPM’s from 2900 to 4500  - 

Dan designs a gearbox that will; reverse engine rotation -  bring output ratio 1:1 to crankshaft - adapt 24 volt Delco starter and GM Turbo 400 transmission 


Fairchild AT-21


the  Fairchild Ranger V-770  Super-charged   V-12


Note: Stock Exhausts out top

ART ARFONS - the Legend of three Motor sports - Drag racing - World Land Speed record - Tractor pulling

Art Arfons 1st V12 dragster 1956

cylinder banks were exchanged left to right to bring intake to center and exhausts to outside of engine