Frogman’s  ‘Rocket II’



  A collaboration between

   Tim ‘Frogman’ Cotterill                     

              -  and -

Michael ‘Blastolene’ Leeds - in the year of our Lord -

              -  2009 -

  Two mechanical maniacs 

               -  meet -

    and create the worlds

        ultimate  Bad-Ass

  mobility device

The Promethian Gift, the gift of Technology to Man -  when possesed, there is an uncontrolable passion to manifest that potential  - To endeavor to endow oneself with attributes like power, speed and freedom, with an eye to mechanical excelence, functionality and physical beauty - the machines we all build and use are as prosthesis, an extension of ourselves set to the task of expressing our wills  -   however, are you riding the dragon,  or is the dragon riding  you - ? -

Frogman with his new ‘Baby’

Art Center School of Design ‘SUPERCARS’ car show - Passadena California

Jay likes it !

Three years in the making - thanks for the adventure, FROG !