Wood, cardboard and paper mock-up wraps around our   

                spare N.O.S. Ranger V-770 engine -


Sheetmetal replaces plywood and


“We are Reducing the design down to it’s simplist form, it’s ‘Most Common Denominator’, while also Exploring the possibilities of the torqued plane”   -    note; the body is the frame

the whole car is one flat

      ribbon of metal !!!

Big Mike tries it out for size

Portals reduce weight, add structural and torsional rigidity and create ports for air flow in and out of the engine compartment        - anthropomorphic -

It says on the casting “Do not cut heat or bend” - I usually take that as a challenge - It is definately the ‘ Do not mess with’ Metal  

The architecture of the motor mounts - - creating ‘Load Paths’ fore/aft/


First try - 3/4 ton ford truck - Twin ‘I’ beam axles

OK, now what ?

Rear wheels and tires in the back of ‘Liza’

not  the  end





    stay tooned

The two small rear quarter panels are the only compound curves on the body - everything else is a flat sheet of metal

Front   End

The flowing form of the 1800’s horse drawn buggy spring inspires the shape of our new control arms -

Bi-vertical symmetry allows two objects to occupy the same space at the same time

Rear Axle

We choose a Dana 80 Ford 2 1/2 ton with 3:18 gears

the housing was ‘girdled’ and a torque tube connects the rear end to the frame right behind the engine - (think load-path)

This gearing gives us just over 200 MPH @ 4500 RPM’s

Toyota MR2  electric power steering pump and air springs in place

All suspension components are hidden underneath the body - this is all you see -  the rear axle seems to be floating

    the Blown Ranger Shown as a work in progress        

                 ‘the Allure of the automobile’

                         at the

     Portland Art Museum - 2011

      with Randy Grubb’s ‘Deco-liner’ and Rodney   

          Ruccker’s 30’ 2500 c.i. ‘Packard Royal’

it was the intention of the museum’s director “to have living examples of handbuilt automotive art in conjunction with some of the worlds finest handbuilt ‘one of a kind’ automobiles from the past who’s designers and builders are gone” - the ajoining exhibit, from the peterson automitive museum in los angeles, was valued at over 200 million dollars

oh no, honey, I shrunk the car !!

‘exploring the possibilities of the torqued plane’

Meanwhile, back at the ranch..

mock up of alloy boat-tail fuel tank begins

master welder bill grelki, who welded the tank, checks out the ‘indy’ inspired quick release gas cap - a salvaged boat porthole and some bandsawn and drilled, 1” aluminum plate

all flat planes !

air intake etc

this is the motor, pretty much as I got it from dan dechant with a vintage bronze boat scupper balanced  on a 650 holly

things evolve - the bronze scoop, edelbrock air cleaner and other things become as one and hold the space for other possibilities


new ‘old stock’ motor - 1942 -fresh out of the box  with the stromberg updraft now turned into a downdraft


     1150 holly double pumper  

            is fitted to intake

Taz, our systems expert, Sez ‘YASS!’

1/4” plywood from a 50‘s eichler home in palo alto becomes patterns

1/4” alum’ plate becomes cooling fins

capturing the basic shape in bandsawn wood is quick

“the DEADLY holly 1150 lurking in the shadows of the cooling    

          fins, awaiting it’s prey”

       - - MOooooHahahahaha!! - -


mock up

        the real deal - stainless steel

moosehide and calf skin seats


I’m having a fit !

  this is

             spontaneity happens...

     with, the hand grinder